How to fix pywintypes25.dll on GRASS 6.4

14th luglio 2010

How to fix pywintypes25.dll on GRASS 6.4

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I just downloaded GRASS, a open source GIS program (WinGRASS-6.4.0RC6-1-Setup.exe).
If (like me) you have a problem related to pywintypes25.dll, here is he fix.

GRASS program looks for:

but the installer does not place the library there!
So GRASS tryes to look for the library in Windows\system32.
If you don’t have python25 installed, GRASS will fail. (I have python2.6… so the error appears)

To avoid the problem and any conflict with other python installation, just copy
the pywintypes25.dll in
You can easily find pywintypes25.dll in the GRASS installed folder:

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