Best GPS to Google Earth converter!( DIMOSTRAMELO! - - - SHOW ME! )


C_GPS2KML can convert GPS log files into KML/KMZ files that can can be opened in Google Earth.

New versions of the program are available here:

The program is not a simple converter, but has many additional features and options.

It can handle many objectes : points, traces, arrows and waypoints. For each it’s possible to define parameters as color, width, dimension and so on.

It’s also possible to create graphs using the logged data. Many graphs are available as Altitude,Speed, Acceleration and many others.

Last but not least it’s possible to georeference you picture and view in Google Earth where you shot them.

Here are some KMZ files for Google Earth: Example_Car.kmz , Downhill(ALT).kmz , Downhill(SPD).kmz , Georef_Pictures_Example.kmz


Go on exploring the program feature in the following pages:

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