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Which file formats are supported?
Main input file format is NMEA, which usually contais more informations (and so generates more interesting tracks!)
Other supported file formats are: plt (Oziexplore), wpt and trk (CompeGPS) and POI files in asc and csv format.
From version 3, the GPX file format is supported.
The program should also be able to read ov2 files (TomTom POI), but as it seems that the TomTom license doesn’t allow it, you need to convert them with dumpov2 into asc files.
It’s possible to generate KML and KMZ files.

I have found a bug, how can I report it?
You can use the forum!
Or you can contact me directly at this e-mail address:
Feedbacks are always welcome!

Which are the minimun requirements?
Sure the program needs lees resoruces than Google Earth, so if you can use Google Earth on your PC you should not have any problem with the program
I have tested and developed the program under WinXP, but it should work on other Windows versions (i.e. Win2K)
Linux version has been tested under Ubuntu, but is to be considered as experimental. Linux version is not a priority right now… sorry

OK, but… how can I record the tracks with my GPS/navigator/pda/PC?
There is a section in the manual that explains how to record GPS data with many devices.

I need/I’d like a additional feature, can I ask for it?
Yes, you can ask and maybe it will be included in the next release (if I have time to develop it and I think that is an interesting feature!)

I like this program, can I help the development?
Sure! The first (and really appreciated) help are comments and feedbacks!
You can also help the development with a little donation(paypal or credit card):

(you can also do a big one! 😛 )

Is there any usage limit?
No, the time limit has been removed long ago!

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