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Arrows Options


Select color and width of the Arrows. Arrows direction/speed are available in input file (if available).

If those informations are not available from the input they are calculated from the points in the file.
Not applicable to some input formats (i.e. POIs).
Altitude options: Arrows have the same options as points.

Selecting 3D arrows, also the altitude will be considered. This options is suggested only if your input file a recording of a flight (in this case remember to set Points to NOT use “Ignore(ground)” in Altitude options )

Waypoints Options


Options for waypoints have the same behavior as Points options.
Selecting “Generate Waypoints for events” waypoints will be generated indicating the following events: Start, Stop, Max Altitude, Min Altitude, Max Speed.

Graphs Options


If the output file format is KMZ the images will be embedded into the file (suggested).
Warning: if the input file does not contain the necessary informations to fill the graph, an empty graph is generated.

Graphs Size: set dimension in pixel of the graphs generated.
X Axix: Choose if you want the graph done with Time or Traveled Distance in X Axis of the graph.

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