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SFX Options

Special Colors effects on Points/Track

Using these options you can set the color of your track/points as a function on parameters of the recording.
Select Track/Points to override the color options and apply the color sets.
Select colorset and the parameter that will be used as a reference to apply the colorset.

It’s possible o modify the file Styles.txt to add/modify colorsets
File format is very simple: Name of the colorset, color data (each row), end of the colorset ‘———‘

SimpleRGB – name of the colorset
ffff0000 – color data
ff00ff00 – …
ff0000ff – …
———- – end
$$$$$$$$$$ – end of file

2 hex chars representing opacity : ff = 100%, 00 = transparent
3 pairs of chars representing RGB components in the following order: BLU, GREEN, RED

It’s now possible to create colors combinations with fixed thresholds.
Here is an example.

[-],ffff0000 -> Blue
[5],ff00ff00 ->Green
[10],ff0000ff -> Red
[12],ff00ffff -> Yellow

The first parameter represents the value; the second one is the color/opacity combination to be applied
In the example the color ffff0000 (blue) is applied to values lower than 5
The color ff00ff00 (green) is applied to values between 5 and 10
The color ff0000ff (red) is applied to values between 10 and 12
The color ff00ffff (yellow) is applied to values greater than 12.

Measurements unit of the values is the same selected in the options.
It’s possible to edit the file Styles.txt wit hany text editor.
To reload the modified file click on Refresh button (otherwise the program will ignore your modifications!)

Example of track colored using speed as parameter (orange track) or using altitude as parameter (cyan track)



Save Filter: save filter configuration into a file.
Load Filter: load filter configuration from a file.
Clear Filters: clear all the filters.

(Check the Measurements unit options before setting up your filters)

• Fix Validity – Filter by fix validity. Only if applicable! (i.e. applicable in NMEA streams, not applicable in POI files)
• Min Points Distance – Minimum distance between consecutive points.
• Max HDOP
• Min/Max Speed
• Min/Max Altitude
• Min/Max Latitude-Longitude – degrees
• Distance from Lat/Lon – Define maximum distance from point (specified by Lat/Lon). Selecting “Invert” the minimum distance from the points is considered.
• Start Time / End Time – Specify time interval

A new option is available: “Time Corr”
Using this option it’s possible to apply a correction to the time of the track (expressed in hours).
Usually UTC time is used in the log files. Using this option it’s possible to correct the time to your Local Time.
Warning: this opyion may coflict with time correction in Georeferencing Images.

Measurements units

It’s possible to configure the program to use various measurements units.
Chosen measurements units will be used for filters and in the destination descriptions file.
I.e.: setting “Meter per Seconds[m/s]” all the speed in the destination file will be expressed in meter/s and the value of the speed filter setting will be considered to be expressed in meters/s.

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