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Pictures and Georeferencing


It’s possible to add pictures to your path.
The program can read EXIF data from the pictures and uses the time to georeference it. (This version is able also to use georeference pictures, but this is under test).
Add, Remove, Clear – to add, remove or clear the list of the pictures (Drag’n’Drop wors).
Once you add a picture, the program extracts the EXIF data related to the time. If no EXIF data is found, the picture creation time is used and an * will indicate this
Thumb Size – size of the image visualized in Google Earth.
Time Correction – Select the time correction to be applied to the time in the picture.
The time of the track is GPS time. The better the synchronization, the better will be the georeferencing result.

In the output file you will see “camera” icons indicating the pictures. If the program is not able to synch the time of the picture with your track, the “camera” icon will be RED
If the times of the pictures are not synchronized with your track, the program will try to suggest a time correction (in the conversion report)

Relative Path – Select this to create relative links to the pictures, so that you can move file and pictures(but they must stay together in the same folder!)
Embed Pictures – Include pictures in KMZ files. Warning: the file may become very big!

Note: images are only linked! Original pictures are not modified in any way!

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