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How to record Tracks

The way to record tracks vary depends on the device you want to use.

PocketPC PDA
If you have a pocket PC you can use many programs to record GPS data
An example is the freeware program VisualGPSCE (
Install and lauch the program.
Main Window (1)
Select “Connect” form the menu and select the GPS com port(2)
To record a track select ‘Log’ from menu and then choose the file(3)

In some PocketPC it’s possible to give the access to GPS com port to more than one program.
Check your PocketPC documentation to know how to share GPS between applications
If you have problems in sharing GPS data between applications you can give a look at Port Splitter at

TomTom Navigator

TomTom navigators can be used to log their internal GPS receiver.
You can try those programs:

Should work with GOx10, GOx00, Rider, One e OneV2

TomTom Event Logger
Records in GPX format.

Mobile Phone

If you have a mobile phone, you can use it to record your tracks with your BT GPS receiver.

Your mobile phone should support Java or have SymbianOS and have the BT connection (warning, not every BT + Java mobile can record GPS data!):

Here are some Java applications:
trekbuddy (tested! Works well for recordings GPS tracks in NMEA or GPX format!)

If you want to use Symbian program for recordings you can try:
(both shareware)

Note: I could not test all those programs yet, so do not consider them suggested or the only available.

If you have a Nokia phone with Symbian OS you may give a look at Nokia Sports Tracker

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